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Enthusiasm is at the heart of Giulio’s coaching methods, working closely with his students to develop all aspects of their game helping to see positive results both in practice and on the course. Giulio’s clients enjoy friendly, fun and informative sessions and support outside the lesson environment as needed, just be prepared to sharpen up on your Italian before dropping in.


Giulio operates as a self employed coach and lessons are purchased from him and not The North London Golf Academy Ltd.

Enthusiasm fuels improvement

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Giulio Merolla – PGA of Italy Professional

Giulio has taught in various golf clubs in Italy and the UK. He has adapted his teaching techniques to enable players of all levels and ability to thrive. His holistic method of coaching revolves around teaching someone to “play” golf as opposed to working on building the perfect looking golf swing.

"Working on my game with Giulio has been invaluable. He immediately picks up on where you are going wrong and gives repeatable thoughts and things to work on to enable you to improve. Most importantly his lessons are varied and great fun. He has a fantastic, positive energy which gives you real confidence to bring your handicap down. I would recommend him to anyone who wants to become a better golfer - I definitely am in just the few lessons I have had with him. Grazie mille!" Ali Natkiel


"I have been seeing Giulio for a couple of years now and have benefited greatly from his teaching methods. He is very quick to spot the areas of the swing that need work, and can explain what sort of changes are needed. As a result of his teaching, I have moved from being happy to break 100 to being disappointed if I do not break 80 - I'm sure that the improvement would have been better if I was more than an occasional golfer. I would have no hesitation in recommending him...indeed, he has also been teaching my girlfriend and she has improved greatly too," Matthew Lowe


"Giulio is not only an amazing golf teacher but he is also a great person to be around. He is an absolute pleasure to play golf with, he's got great taste in music and knows how to bust a move. All this culminates into a truly awesome experience. I never expected to enjoy golf when I first started but Giulio has changed that, not only with what he has taught me but with his great personality. I'm so glad to have been taught by him." Lami Mabifa (Under 16)


“Giulio is a natural communicator when it comes down to golf coaching. He has detailed knowledge, can get his ideas and suggestions across and above all is extremely encouraging and enthusiastic. He is also a caring fellow and extremely thoughtful. I strongly recommend contacting him at The North London Golf Academy.” - Dr Maxton Pitcher


“Giulio is a breath of fresh air. He gave me confidence from my first lesson. I would recommend him very highly. He is able to convey the mysteries of the swing clearly. Most of all he genuinely seems happy with his students' progress.” - John Russell


“I have always thought golf was an intimidating sport and it took me a long time to build up enough courage to take a lesson. I apprehensively went to Giulio for my very first lesson and I have never looked back! He is exceptionally knowledgeable, kind, patient and always gives me constructive and positive feedback. Whether I have an excellent lesson or if I feel I’ve had the worst lesson ever, I always leave feeling energised, happy and motivated to improve. I credit Giulio for this and for my ever improving golf game!” Melissa Goodman


“Let me recommend Giulio Merolla as an extremely good golf professional. As well as being a lovely guy, Giulio has an excellent eye for swing faults and is able to find appropriate routines to overcome them. Since working with him, I have a much more robust swing, have taken a couple of shots off my handicap and won a couple of tournaments.” Tim Read


“I am just finishing my second booking of 6 lessons and have found all my lessons enjoyable even the ones that haven’t gone great. I was at first a bit apprehensive but found my golf coach Giulio a great teacher who makes me feel at ease which has helped me to relax and play better golf. I look forward to every lesson and don’t feel under any pressure to perform, Giulio has become a good friend who I can text about my escapades on the golf course and I look forward to more lessons in the future, Giulio is a great golf coach and good bloke.” Joe Lyons


“I first started working with Giulio a little over a year ago. I had worked with a coach for a year prior to that but was still only able to hit a high slice with every club. Thanks to Giulio’s approach not only am I now hitting some great shots, I understand when it’s not going so well and what’s causing the issues and how to correct them.” James Woodhouse


“Dear Giulio, I have been helped by you for almost a year which has been the main reason for bringing my golf to a new level. You are always patient, encouraging, enthusiastic and fun to be taught by. I can recommend you to any golfer, regardless of standard and would be happy to recommend your professional services anytime. Kind Regards, Tom Brown”


"I wanted to let you know how pleased and surprised I am with the progress in my golf since starting lessons with you. Your simple, supportive and encouraging teaching method combined with your friendly and fun personality has made it an enjoyable learning experience. I have had lessons with other golf professionals and instructors before but have never made the same level of progress. I put this result down to your approach to instructing and teaching which uses movement analysis to observe and correct my habits. The great facilities at The North London Golf Academy, with the simulators, cameras and ability to replay really help accelerate the process. The progression with these facilities make it like "Learning Golf on Steroids!". My confidence and performance in the game has improved immensely." Alex Brown


"I would like to recommend Giulio as an excellent and enthusiastic golf coach and mentor. I have been playing golf for over 25 years and had lessons with various teachers along the way. Giulio is the first person who has managed to explain swing concepts and mechanics in terms I can both understand and put into practice. I am no enjoying my golf tremendously and look forward to carrying on my lessons." Andy Sippings


"It was my first tie to try to play golf and it was absolutely amazing! Giulio is a great teacher. He gives clear understanding of how to play the game, lots of useful advice and everything with funny jokes in a friendly atmosphere. Giulio is a very easy going person and I strongly recommend him as a coach. I had a great time learning how to play golf and hopefully I will come here again to improve my swing." George Tolmachev

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